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Re: i dont trust any of you

PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 6:08 pm
by Phantomgrift
Rip wrote:Phant - No. Just, nothing personal, except. Like. eeeeennnngghh. Y'know? eeeeennnngghh? Not like a bad eeeeennnngghh, or not the worst one anyway, but. well. eeeeennnngghh?


The only thing I use Facebook for 90% of the time is to troll idiots because it's an easy aggression outlet that beats punching strangers in the mall. The other 10% is to use the message feature to reassure family members I'm still alive.

Though at least this thread explains what the hell Steve was going on about when he randomly messaged me though.

Gotta post once every two years

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:51 am
by Nick
I don't think I've logged into facebook in like two years. Even past that, the last time I was genuinely active was probably 6-8 years ago? Used it as a chat platform only via an alt account for a bit after that. I don't think I even know anyone that is reaaaally active on facebook now either. I know some people that still use it regularly simply due to the chats but as a social media platform its not something that's active in my friend/family group. Mostly discord ate up a lot of the non meat space folks I know. Family moved to some horrible chat app I hear is very popular internationally but I loathe.
I mostly logged in today because I saw this thread a bit ago and thought it was fucking wild rip thinks facebook is a reasonable thing to use or that anyone from this fuckfest keeps in touch that way. Well, maybe they do, but not the cool people (except sam(luv u sam)).
The other reason I logged in today was because I was trying to track down an artist who did a webcomic. They've apparently vanished from the internet after doing a pretty mediocre unpopular webcomic. I was curious where they went because the art was the only reasonable part of it, and the comic ended 2 years ago. Mystery: unsolved. On the way however, I ran into some forums for webcomics and the ones I browsed got me nostalgic. Mostly because they were all dead as hell and have been for years with some very occasional posts. Also because the forums for these webcomics are full of people that absolutely fucking hate that webcomic and it has been so so long that I was briefly shocked. I thought to myself, how odd! I expected fans to be on here talking about the comic. Then I remembered the foul pit that mutated me in my youth.
Lots of nostalgia in this little internet hovel. All the remain now are ghosts. I also think I just get nostalgic for old internet. The irc chat rooms and the forums. Discord and a few other apps get real close to irc, but they're all super shitty and have very serious privacy and security issues. Forums are basically dead and its a shame because I like the format. As much as I like real time communication, there is something pleasant about long form slow communication.

Re: i dont trust any of you

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:42 pm
by Samurai

Re: i dont trust any of you

PostPosted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 12:01 pm
by Rip
I'm old, Nick. Facebook is good for what it is: where old people can look at pictures of each other's families and revel in decrepitude. I have children and a mortgage now, long gone are my days of making people shout impotently at their giant, heavy-as-shit cube-like computer monitors at 1.5 megabits per second.

Unlike Phant, I've matured like a delicious cheese. While I agree that I prefer the forum format for what it is (either because the slow burn is the biggest appeal, or because I ultimately cut my teeth on BBSes on Prodigy as a precocious 11 year old doing a shitty job of pretending to be a 27 year old Irishman and my human instinct compels me to constantly seek a return to comforting nostalgia), I realize that the kids have moved on and it will soon be my duty to stop my own from doing everything I ever did. So until they start their own Discord servers or whateverthefuckitwillbe next week, I can wallow in my ancientness. Except for all the fucking discord chats I have to be in because I can't break my video game addiction and everyfuckinthing has an alliance these days but wha wha.

Anyway. Get help, Phant. The only creatures entertained by the thought of some cro-magnon decking strangers in public are either pre-pubescent or legit half-brains, like on those Medical Marvel programs. And if you get on one of those you better link us! <3!

Re: i dont trust any of you

PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 12:14 am
by Phantomgrift
Jest aside, I did get help.
Went and chatted up base medical at the last command after I found myself mouthing off to a roomful of senior leadership and realized I didn't care.
Wanted to determine if it was a legitimate issue or largely residual stress. Apparently largely residual stress from previous commands.

All things considered, I've never taken the internet seriously, and doubt I ever will. Even the troll aspect of Facebook largely stems on if I'm deployed at the time or not, as when I'm not deployed, I'm honestly doing more with my own family than I am baiting strangers on the internet.

*Insert shrug here*
I still have aggressive rage issues, but coming to terms with stuff like that is part of growing up and getting old.
(Though I don't care what it seems like, watching recent or archival footage of hippies getting beat by cops with nightsticks will never not be funny.)

Hell, in a couple of years here, I'll be to busy with figuring out which direction to take regarding retirement and all that entails. It's easy to cruise through a military career as long as you're clearly aware of the point wherein you have to actively start being more involved with your daily planning outside of "Wherever the fuck the military sends me."