For the sake of fuck

For the sake of fuck

Postby Inferno » Tue May 08, 2018 8:11 am

Dear ClanBOB,

I enjoy you like I enjoy a carrot dipped in peanut butter. You are like a cheese waffle without strawberries. You make me feel like a wet pigeon fighting a squirrel for a morsel of bread. When I think about you, visions of sky-reaching space tethers enter my past memories of the future forgotten.

Each of you is a star, burning out in the coming cold darkness. Each of you is a favoured instrumental riff in the middle of your favourite song. Each of you is a pirate deciding to jump into the water instead of letting himself be taken by the flying krakens of the Earth. Each of you is Ian McKellen.

The future is a darkness, blinding everything and everyone except those fish what don't have eyes and live in caves. It is a tale told by Jeff Bezos, or perhaps Elon Musk, or perhaps some as-yet-unnamed supervillainous hero of capitalism. We are all butter.

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