last night i was sitting in a lawn chair staring at the moon

last night i was sitting in a lawn chair staring at the moon

Postby Agent » Tue Apr 15, 2014 8:02 am

i wanted to see the eclipse but it was too cloudy but before that the clouds were sparse and thin enough that i could clearly see the moon

at one point with the clouds moving fast enough there was a strong parallax effect and looking at the moon through the clouds you could see all the other clouds around the moon going up through the layers like looking through the center of a gigantic tunnel and this triggered my fear of heights for a second

i had some weird dreams the first one was about a stupid hat it was like a cowboy hat but the brim was very wavy and i hated it and no one else did they all wanted one and i kept telling them it was stupid but they didnt want to listen

later i was sitting in a lecture hall eating multiple hoagies like three or four stacked on top of each other the people around me said they wanted hoagies but these were for me when suddenly we were watching the trailer to some christopher nolan style movie about something that wasnt batman when i think about the the specifics but felt a lot like batman but it was intercut with long chunks of text about andrew wk and at one point it said that andrew wk didnt like social justice but then i told the guy next to me that if you read his long rambling diatribes it is quite obvious andrew wk does like social justice and then i tried to post about this online but i couldnt find the right video and just found some guy talking about all the foreshadowing in the movie trailer

then the dream was about these two american guys who had moved to china to machine big balls of gold they would get periodic letters from home but spent most of their time in their shop with some kind of giant spherical lathe and the one guy broke his tool tip by accidentally jamming it into the gold sphere and he was really upset and the other guy wanted to use the lathe but the first guy didnt want to give up his time with the gold sphere and was trying to fix it but then the other guy got a letter from home and started sobbing
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